Baylor Med’s Second Look 2011

Yesterday was Baylor Med’s (BCM) second-look for accepted applicants. To my understanding, this is the first time we’ve had an official “second look”, and in retrospect, I feel it was a success. I had a chance to meet some outstanding people and reunite with applicants I had interviewed over the previous months. It’s nice to see their application cycle come full circle. 🙂

A lot of these students seemed to be either a.) already set on coming to BCM but wanted a refresher or b.) deciding between BCM and another school (specifically UT Southwestern). Needless to say, we did our best to showcase Baylor Med and Houston. My group went over to Texas Children’s Hospital and toured several facilities with a pediatrician. We had mock IPS (integrated problem solving) and PPS (physician-patient-society) sessions, showed a bit of 12 Days, had a student panel and several faculty members give speeches, had an apartment fair, a basic science tour, etc.

In the end, I just hope everyone goes where they’ll do the best and be the happiest – they’re all going to be amazing doctors either way. 🙂

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