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First Day of OB/Gyn

It’s about 5:10 pm, and I’m sitting in a vacant lecture hall writing this post. I woke up at 5am and had orientation from 7:30am to 3:45pm. Come to find out, I start this rotation on labor and delivery (L&D) nights and will be here till 5am tomorrow morning only to go home and come back early that afternoon for a standardized patient encounter to learn the pelvic and breast exams. A 24 hour day… this is how med school says “welcome back from your summer break, Rishi.” 馃槈

Orientation was great! We used plastic models to assess cervical effacement and dilation during labor, learned how to properly deliver a baby, and discussed common things we’re likely to see (vaginal bleeding, C-sections, STDs) and do (PAP smears, vaginal deliveries) while on the wards. I would write more at this point, but I’m getting butterflies thinking about how ignorant I’m going to look tonight. At least I have three awesome teammates… we’ll all look glazed over in 12 hours. :mrgreen:


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