First Day of OB/Gyn

It’s about 5:10 pm, and I’m sitting in a vacant lecture hall writing this post. I woke up at 5am and had orientation from 7:30am to 3:45pm. Come to find out, I start this rotation on labor and delivery (L&D) nights and will be here till 5am tomorrow morning only to go home and come back early that afternoon for a standardized patient encounter to learn the pelvic and breast exams. A 24 hour day… this is how med school says “welcome back from your summer break, Rishi.” 😉

Orientation was great! We used plastic models to assess cervical effacement and dilation during labor, learned how to properly deliver a baby, and discussed common things we’re likely to see (vaginal bleeding, C-sections, STDs) and do (PAP smears, vaginal deliveries) while on the wards. I would write more at this point, but I’m getting butterflies thinking about how ignorant I’m going to look tonight. At least I have three awesome teammates… we’ll all look glazed over in 12 hours. :mrgreen:

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