Summer Break Is Over

“Oh no! I only have one month of summer break left!?!” *insert some additional whining here* I had this realization multiple times in grade school around this time of the year. Now with only two weeks of break in total, I find myself whining about having “only 35 hours of break left.” 😮

During the first weekend of this break, I had the privilege of attending a good friend’s wedding in Dallas, but since then, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my home and the Texas Medical Center trying to stay occupied. It makes me happy that a lot of my classmates traveled abroad, went on cruises, etc… hopefully I’ll get to share in their adventures after residency interviews. I guess I just felt lazy this summer.

Nevertheless, it was refreshing to have time off – video games, sports, coding, tinkering around with my car… these things are so much more enjoyable when there’s no upcoming shelf exam to worry about. 🙂 In retrospect, a part of me wishes I had read more of Case Files for my upcoming OB/Gyn rotation, but in reality, my practical side prevailed: if I can’t manage to read a simple prep book in two months, I really wouldn’t have made it this far.

I’ve also made some improvements on this site by implementing CSS3 gradients, writing a custom PHP script to import and cache my Twitter feeds efficiently, and reimplementing XCache. I’ve indirectly learned that between the latest HTML5 selectors, CSS3, and JQuery, a web developer can accomplish virtually any task. Combine the aforementioned coding with hours of Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike Source, and I’ve spent enough time in front of a computer to make me happy. 😛

So true to my procrastinator-personality-disorder (hey, I am coming off my psychiatry rotation 😉 ), July 4th will be my last and most productive day of the break. I’ll relearn how to throw knots, I’ll clean my room, I’ll set out meals for the next week, and I’ll get myself mentally prepared to take on the two month OB/Gyn rotation.

Here’s hoping I can find my motivation sooner than later.

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