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Halfway Done With Neurology Rotation

Neurology has gone by so quickly! Our hours are great, we don’t work on weekends, and a lot of each day is spent traveling to and from lectures/conferences at the main campus. After morning rounds (which can sometimes take a few hours), my colleagues and I scatter to follow up on pending tasks with our patients and then go home. Our fearless chief resident is switching this weekend, so we’ll have a new upper-level to meet tomorrow. 馃檪

I’ve spent most of this weekend doing absolutely nothing except working on a new research initiative, playing computer games, and watching football. I have two relatively lengthy papers to finish within the next two weeks in addition to the departmental exam I need to *start* studying for, so it’s time to get focused. Winter break is two weeks away, and I want to finish the semester on a strong note! :mrgreen:


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