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Halfway Done With Neuroanesthesia As A CA-3

It’s the middle of the month, the Texans got royally owned by the Patriots in the divisional playoff game last night, I submitted my hospital credentialing for fellowship this morning, and I’m so far behind with ITE studying… but I’m still going to reflect on my neuroanesthesia rotation has been thus far. …

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First Week Of Neuroanesthesia As A CA-2

Coming back to Ben Taub Hospital is like coming home. Awesome cases, wonderful attendings, and having the privilege of working alongside incredible colleagues from all specialities really makes my time here enjoyable. I just finished my first week of neuroanesthesia and finally enjoyed a day off after two straight weeks between …

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Finished with Neurology

Yesterday evening… after admittedly pulling an all-nighter to cram for the departmental exam… I finished my neurology rotation. Between Thanksgiving Break, no weekend responsibilities, and the rotation being only a month long, I only spent sixteen days at my clinical site. While that amounts to relatively little exposure compared to …

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My First Lumbar Puncture

After table rounds this morning, one of the residents asked me if I wanted to do a bedside lumbar puncture (LP). I instantly jumped at this opportunity and proceeded to gather the patient’s consent, LP kit, and other supplies necessary for the procedure. In the meantime, I tried to recall …

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