You’re Not The Surgeon Type

On more than one occasion, I’ve shared my desire to pursue microsurgery with some of the residents and attendings, and on more than one occasion, I’ve been told that I just don’t have that kind of personality. An upperclassmen said I’m “too happy-go-lucky” and not “stern enough” to fit in with the surgeon stereotype. A resident told me that I “enjoy talking to patients too much to want to spend my time locked down in an operating room.” 😯

There’s something to say about the idiosyncrasies of surgeons, but I don’t feel they’re representative of the entire group. My wanting to be a surgeon has little to do with a power-trip or money – it’s all about tying my love of technology with tactile healing. Also, playing computer games on a routine basis has given me really, really good eye-hand coordination. 😉

As far as my jovial personality, well, if it really is that rare amongst surgeons, then so be it. It makes little difference to me if I “fit in” as long as my patients receive the best care. Though I have yet to start my clinical rotation in surgery, it’s the only thing I’ve actively aspired to take on as a career for years. We’ll see if things change this autumn.

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