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“You’re Going To Stop My Heart?!”

Cardiac arrest is one of the most feared complications in medicine as it tends to usually precede death despite appropriate interventions. However, a controlled cardiac arrest is routinely utilized as part of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) to…

Surgery And Pediatric Rotation Notes

During my surgery and pediatrics rotations, I wrote down things related to practice questions I did and compiled them into a PDF for anyone who wants to review the "high yield" topics without having to go through hundreds of questions…

First Week Of Neurosurgery

I'm continuing to enjoy an incredible breadth of cases in neurosurgery - deep brain stimulation in Parkinson's, the orbitozygomatic approach for a middle fossa tumor, ventricular explorations, and laminectomies are some of the latest cases…

First Day Of Neurosurgery

The first day of any new rotation is always tough, but today was utterly painful from a logistics standpoint. We started rounding at 5:30am, but instead of being able to reset my password for computer access, I had to wait till later in the…

End of Surgery Rotation

It's the rotation that I was waiting for since January... the three months which would show me whether or not the career I wanted to pursue coming into medical school was really my best fit. In retrospect, I think it is. :-)

Thorough Ear History and Exam

Hearing loss, "ringing" in the ears, and dizziness/vertigo are three of the most common things I've seen in the ENT clinic, and a proper workup during the initial encounter can provide valuable information regarding the etiology. In the…

Total Parotidectomy

A brief walkthrough of a total parotidectomy (removal of the parotid salivary gland). You can easily visualize the sternocleidomastoid and masseter muscles, carotid artery, and the major branches of the facial nerve - a structure for which…

Ophthalmology Exam

Ophthalmology. O-p-h-t-h-a-l-m-o-l-o-g-y. Yes, the word has two 'h's in it. Apparently, this fact is very high yield for testing purposes. :-D

First Week of ENT

I'm halfway done with my ENT surgery selective, and as expected, I'm really enjoying the experience!