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Surgery And Pediatric Rotation Notes

During my surgery and pediatrics rotations, I wrote down things related to practice questions I did and compiled them into a PDF for anyone who wants to review the “high yield” topics without having to go through hundreds of questions again.

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First Week Of Neurosurgery

I’m continuing to enjoy an incredible breadth of cases in neurosurgery – deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s, the orbitozygomatic approach for a middle fossa tumor, ventricular explorations, and laminectomies are some of the latest cases I scrubbed into. With only a week left before two months of pediatrics, I’m hoping …

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First Day Of Neurosurgery

The first day of any new rotation is always tough, but today was utterly painful from a logistics standpoint. We started rounding at 5:30am, but instead of being able to reset my password for computer access, I had to wait till later in the morning to redo all the paperwork …

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End of Surgery Rotation

It’s the rotation that I was waiting for since January… the three months which would show me whether or not the career I wanted to pursue coming into medical school was really my best fit. In retrospect, I think it is. 馃檪

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Thorough Ear History and Exam

Hearing loss, “ringing” in the ears, and dizziness/vertigo are three of the most common things I’ve seen in the ENT clinic, and a proper workup during the initial encounter can provide valuable information regarding the etiology. In the case of unilateral or asymmetric pathology, the question that always arises: “Why …

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