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20 Days Left Till Step 1

Between getting the house ready for my grandmother to visit and the NBA All Star festivities, today was a lax day in terms of studying. I’ve reached the point where I’m now browsing the Internet looking for insightful information regarding USMLE Step 1, but it seems that the consensus is to just go into the test with confidence. 

My study environment 20 days before Step 1

From 1:00 – 3:30am, I completed NBME Form 3 and had an equivalent score of 261, but unfortunately, there’s no way to review the questions with their correct answers (or at least I’m too tired to figure out how to). I also purchased Form 7 and plan on doing that two weeks from now. I’ve been flipping through random pages in First Aid trying to get myself to fall asleep for the past hour… and I think it’s finally working. *yawn*

Gotta keep improving day-to-day!


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  1. If I were you, do the 150 question practice test at the Prometric site that you will be taking your exam at so you know exactly what your surroundings will be like, whether ear plugs are available there, dealing with other people taking tests around you, taking breaks, restroooms, the size of the locker to put your First Aid and lunch/food/snacks in, etc. In other words, simulating exactly what test day will be like to the letter (outside of actual length of the exam).

    • I actually took my MCAT at this exact testing site, so I remember the venue and all the things I encountered on test day fairly well. Hope residency has been going well! 🙂


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