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USMLE Epidemiology and Biostatistics Notes

Epidemiology is a cornerstone for the practice of evidence-based medicine, but for the sake of medical licensing exams, only the very basics are “high yield knowledge.” Rather than having to sift through PowerPoint slides or a textbook, I compiled a one page handout of must-know-facts for the boards while preparing …

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USMLE Step 3 Preparation Before Residency

USMLE Step 3 is the last board exam a physician must pass to practice medicine in the United States. It can only be taken after graduating from medical school; most residents take it in their intern year before getting into the bulk of their residency training. However, there are a …

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USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

One of the perils of taking standardized medical exams is the stark contrast between “textbook” and “clinical” medicine. Physicians try to abide by the latest guidelines and evidence-based practices, but this doesn’t always translate to test questions which may have been written months/years in the past. Some of the questions …

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One Week Till USMLE Step 2 CK

Its been almost a month since my last post; I think that’s the longest I’ve gone without an update since starting this blog. 馃槸 My life has been a balance between residency interviews and studying for USMLE Step 2 CK as of late. I fell ill two weeks ago and …

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USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK)

With only one rotation left in medical school (my internal medicine sub-internship in January 2013), I have the next few months to attend to my residency interviews and extracurriculars. That being said, I wanted to first knock Step 2 CK out at some point in late October. After perusing the …

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