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Eight Days Left Till Step 1

At this point, I’ve gone through all 2090 USMLE World questions, UWorld’s Self Assessment #1 (around 200 questions), over 1000 NBME questions, 300 questions from Kaplan’s free Qbank, the 138 questions from the USMLE website, and any random questions I can find on forums across the Internet. With only eight days left, I have to complete NBME #7 and UWorld Self Assessment #2 before I step up to the plate to take on the USMLE Step 1.

Between waiting for my car’s oil change and some time I spent the coffee shop afterwards, I reviewed ~75 pages of First Aid this morning – I really need to double that by this evening. As far as burnout goes… well… I’ve been playing Counter-Strike way too much to feel burned out. 馃榾


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