First Day Of Neurosurgery

The first day of any new rotation is always tough, but today was utterly painful from a logistics standpoint. We started rounding at 5:30am, but instead of being able to reset my password for computer access, I had to wait till later in the morning to redo all the paperwork I did back in October for general surgery. Now I have to wait 48-72 hours before they give me a username/password… even though I have my old login info. 😐

The day itself was relatively short – only four O.R. cases ranging from a hemilaminectomy to a neuroma resection. The service is very busy, but between the three residents, it’s a well oiled machine. They’ve given me the flexibility to go from O.R. to O.R. to see whatever cases I want.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a much busier day. Gotta sleep now. 🙂

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