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Half Way Finished With SICU

I’m staring at a crazy patient census to start my second-half of this SICU rotation. 馃槸 Now that I’ve become acclimated to how things operate from a logistics standpoint (discharge criteria, admissions, trauma, etc.), I’m better able to gauge just how much longer patients will remain under intensive care. I’ve also learned a lot about life sustaining interventions like pressors and mechanical ventilators. Still, there’s no better feeling than seeing a patient arrive in a coma only to progressively be weaned from a ventilator, then feeding tube, then invasive lines, and ultimately discharged to the floor. Makes me really appreciate how far medicine has come. 馃檪

SICU call room
SICU call room
My routine lunch - a cranberry and granola parfait
My routine lunch – a cranberry and granola parfait


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