Half Way Finished With SICU

I’m staring at a crazy patient census to start my second-half of this SICU rotation. 😯 Now that I’ve become acclimated to how things operate from a logistics standpoint (discharge criteria, admissions, trauma, etc.), I’m better able to gauge just how much longer patients will remain under intensive care. I’ve also learned a lot about life sustaining interventions like pressors and mechanical ventilators. Still, there’s no better feeling than seeing a patient arrive in a coma only to progressively be weaned from a ventilator, then feeding tube, then invasive lines, and ultimately discharged to the floor. Makes me really appreciate how far medicine has come. 🙂

SICU call room
SICU call room
My routine lunch - a cranberry and granola parfait
My routine lunch – a cranberry and granola parfait

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