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EPIC ICU Template

Here’s the EPIC EMR template I made for rounding in the VAD/transplant ICU. The formatting is off (bold, centered, etc), but the shortlinks are still there for the problem list, problem list, recent vitals, VAD data, ins/outs, recent labs, scheduled medications, and infusion medications. Hope this helps at least one person! 🙂

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Finished With ICU – How I Prepare For ICU Rounds

Tomorrow is my last day on the VAD and transplant ICU service and concludes my ICU requirements as a resident. I intentionally front-loaded my ICU rotations this year to rule in/out a critical care fellowship, and I’m happy to say that I’ll definitely be applying this winter. I’ve always been fascinated …

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Last Week Of VAD/Transplant ICU

I’m beginning my last week on the cardiac transplant and VAD ICU rotation – one week from finishing all of my required ICU rotations as a resident! It’s shaping up to be my most draining week too with two calls plus weekend coverage and a census riddled with ECMO, Impellas, and …

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In House ICU Call

The intensive care unit (ICU) is where the hospital’s most critically ill patients receive care. When you’re the resident in charge of stabilizing crashing patients, rapidly escalating care, responding to emergent codes around the hospital, and working with the nurses to get through the night hour-by-hour, things can get stressful. …

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