Motorola Droid Bionic Screen Repair

My smartphone recently had a not-so-friendly encounter with the pavement on my way back from my preceptor’s office. The horrific “THUD” of glass/plastic meeting solid concrete… yeah… I already knew my screen was busted. And to my own misfortune, I had removed the protective case two days prior because I thought it was bulky. 😆

Shelling out $600+ for a new, unsubsidized smartphone wasn’t an option, so I took to the Internet! Asktronics is offering a replacement kit (with screen and tools included) for $50. The product was mailed in a matter of days, and it took roughly 30 minutes to install.

The broken screen held together by a screen protector
The replacement screen with included tools

The following video was the walkthrough I used to disassemble the Bionic’s backing and motherboard to access the LCD and screen.

Sure, $50 may be a little steep for a screen, but it’s way more cost effective than the alternative. And yes, I’ve put my protective case back on. 😀 I’ve been using the device for a few hours now with absolutely no problems. Everything is back to normal. 🙂

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