Residency Interviews Easier Than Medical School Interviews

I’m well into my residency interview trail, and its become evident that these interviews are far less stressful than the medical school equivalents. The notion that I’m now interviewing for a job seemed foreboding at first, but the program directors and faculty members have been nothing but welcoming and excited about their respective programs. In fact, on more than one occasion, an interviewer has told me something along the lines of:

“Residency interviews have one objective – to make sure you’re not weird.”

The nerdy 10 year old within me became a little concerned. 😉 No matter where I match in March, there are definitely aspects of certain programs which I would push to incorporate into the curriculum and department – no program is perfect, so small refinements can go a long way. Also, here’s a pic I snapped from my recent interview.


Manhattan Bridge (foreground) and Brooklyn Bridge (background) taken from the taxi

I just hope the rest of my interviews follow in suit.

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