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Preparing For My First Fellowship Interview

The farther I get in my training, the less anxious I feel about interviews. A little eustress is healthy and shows that the interview...

Interview With Accepted.com

I recently did an online interview with Accepted.com briefly outlining my journey to become an anesthesiology resident physician. Check it out! Read The Interview!

Finished With My Residency Interview Trail

My journey through the anesthesiology interview trail has been over for two weeks, and since then, I've been comparing each program's pros and cons...

Residency Interviews Easier Than Medical School Interviews

I'm well into my residency interview trail, and its become evident that these interviews are far less stressful than the medical school equivalents. The...

Interview Day

So you've rushed to take your MCAT and prepare your personal statement, now you wait till applications open. Then you rush to submit your...


Harvard critical care and cardiothoracic anesthesia combined clinical fellow seeking to improve medical education and patient safety with technology and quality initiatives. Learn more about me and feel free to drop me a question!