Three Days Left Till Step 1

Over the last 48 hours, I’ve completed UWorld’s SA #2 and NBME #7, scoring equivalent scores of 265 and 259, respectively. While I’m humbled by these results, the real exam is 75% longer than any of the practices I’ve done, so endurance might become an issue on test day.

Early in my preparation, I missed questions because of glossing over a keywords. “All of the following hormones are decreased EXCEPT”… “A 12 year old with SICKLE CELL presents with shoulder pain”… etc. Now I’ve started highlighting those buzzwords religiously while reading stems.

Furthermore, sometimes I’ll take an educated guess at an answer, but 20 questions later, I’ll realize why it’s correct. Going back through all the questions at the end gives me a chance to reread the stems and apply my reasoning once more. By the same token, I’m very skeptical to change answers from my first instinct. I think many test-takers share that sentiment. 🙂

I’m reviewing biochemistry once more and spending most of tomorrow going over Goljan’s high yield points, renal, reproductive, respiratory and First Aid’s high yield points/pictures. Throw in a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike plus some time outdoors, and that’s what I call balance.

Oh, Dr. Goljan was recently in town! 😀

The end is near!

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