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My Anesthesiology Operating Room Jacket

While I love my white coat’s pockets to carry around articles and manuals, I’ve been looking forward to having my operating room jacket for its portability. Oh yeah, and it has a built in audio port! $70 well spent. 馃檪

Got my anesthesia jacket


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  1. do you wear this jacket in the OR?

  2. Stephanie Barnett

    I’m looking to embroider some jackets for our open heart team can you tell me what brand and style your jacket is and where you might have purchased t please?

    • Hey Stephanie!

      The jacket pictured above is from North End (the Sports line), but our department has been using jackets from Marmot for the last two years due to increased durability (and better styles based on feedback from the residents). Our embroidery is done through a medical school in the Texas Medical Center. I don’t know exactly who they commission for the job, but if I find out, I’ll email you! 馃檪

  3. That jacket is so heavenly smart. If such an expression exists. Every time I visit your blog… I leave with a wish that I had your life.


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