Asus Nexus 7 Grouper AnTuTu ROM Comparison

In preparation for residency, I wanted to finally settle on a stable ROM for my Asus Nexus 7 (“grouper”) tablet. As a long time AOKP fan, I wanted to compare how it stacked up against some of the more unique ROMs like Paranoid Android 3.

These aren’t official benchmarks measuring battery life, FPS, etc. I just used AnTuTu Benchmark to measure a fresh flash (factory reset) between each set up with no additional applications installed (only GApps and AnTuTu). Furthermore, the device was connected to an AC outlet with WiFi turned off during the benchmark. Here are the results:

 AOKP JB Build 3CM 10.1 2/12 NightlyParanoid Android 3.00CarbonROM (2/7)

I have even more of a reason to give Paranoid Android’s Hybrid Engine (and PIE controls) a try now. 🙂 Might end up using that on my Galaxy Note 2 as well.

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  1. Hi Rishi,
    Quick question – out of all of the tablet or tablet-like devices that are out there currently (e.g. iPad mini, Nexus 7, Galaxy Note) that can also /fit into a white coat pocket/, which one would you recommend the most?

    I’m thinking about buying one of these items (when I can save up for it) for clinics sometime.
    Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which I use for email, internet, looking up drugs, etc.
    (Or do you think that I don’t even need one of these fancy gadgets listed above?)


      • I’ll reference you to this post: Are Tablets Useful On The Wards?

        In all honesty, having a smartphone will suffice for the majority of people, and if you’re interested in a tablet, the iPad Mini or Nexus 7 is the best bet for most people. I’m an Android fanboy (specifically the Nexus line) since it’s completely unlockable and ideal for developers; however, the iPad Mini has more “useful apps” at our level. I would definitely play with both before making the purchase. That being said, wait till you start rotations before purchasing a tablet. By that time, they’ll have better technology at even more competitive prices.

        As far as the new site layout, I haven’t had time to work on refining the backend code, but there’s a list of things which I need to address. I’ve also got some other ideas in mind. Thanks as always for your readership and comments! 🙂


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