Apex – Transitioning From Medical Student To Doctor

Every fourth year medical student (MS4) at Baylor Med is required to take Apex, a pass/fail course which provides a “unique, practical and interactive focus on solidifying students’ medical school experiences while developing and fine tuning skills that will help them enter their internship with confidence.” In continuation with our curriculum’s flexibility, students personalize the experience based on their interests.

I’ll be taking the following courses. Some are mandatory, but I’ve noted the ones which I selected with an asterisk.


  • Physician as the Patient
  • Business of Medicine*
  • Managing Adults with Common Genetic Conditions*
  • Communication Challenges*
  • End of Life Issues
  • Ingestions, Overdoses, and Other Toxicology Emergencies*
  • Pre-Op Assessment*
  • Common Infections in the Hospitalized Adult Patient*
  • Integrating Ethics into Global Health Training*
  • Common Overnight Calls
  • Fluids and Electrolytes*
  • Informed Consent & Implicit Bias in Decision Making*
  • Managing Acute Blood Pressure Issues During Internship*
  • Teaching 101
  • Patient Safety
  • Disaster Medicine for Physicians*
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and Current Basics of the US Healthcare System
  • Indications for Imaging Modalities*
  • Resident Panel – Key Successes for Internship


  • Diabetes for Interns*
  • Quality, Value, and Patient Advocacy
  • Recognizing & Overcoming Obstacles in Internship
  • Hands on Skills: IV/ABGs*
  • Gold Humanism Award Ceremony
  • Statistics – Interpretation & Basic Use*
  • Leadership Module
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Sustaining Self
  • EKG Bootcamp*
  • Medical Legal Ethics
  • Practical Evidence-Based Medicine*
  • Disclosure of Medical Error
  • Art of Observation*
  • Small Group Teaching*
  • Risk Management, Basics of Documentation, HIPAA, Medical Jurisprudence, and Mock Trial
  • Developing & Achieving Goals During Residency
  • Panel: Reflections on Internship

After two weeks of Apex, I’ll also be taking certification courses in basic and advanced cardiac life support (BCLS and ACLS). While a few of these courses really peak my interest, all of them are important during residency. Plus, our entire class will finally be together again. 🙂

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  1. Hmmm… question – is the Business of Medicine elective that you will take held at UTH? Currently I’m actually in that elective (I think we have classes throughout this semester). As of right now I’m guessing that the 4th years will be joining the 1st years that are currently in the class?

    • I’m honestly not sure where the class will be (more likely to be at BCM) nor do I know if it’ll overlap with the course you’re currently in. Hopefully they’ll shed more light on the details during orientation.

  2. Yay you made it!!!! I’m going to be a BLS instructor so maybe we’ll bump into each other. I hope I will survive and make it like you did… head and neck anatomy is killing me right now….

    • Awesome!! Head and neck was definitely tough, but I thought the anatomy was the most interesting. Hang in there, and I hope to see you during Apex! 🙂


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