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First Half Of Medicine Wards

Inpatient medicine wards are considered much more difficult compared to our other intern year rotations, yet the privilege of getting to manage a patient’s full set of medical problems is a valuable learning opportunity. I’ve been extremely lucky to have an attending, fresh out of residency, who the entire team can relate to, an upper-level resident (and future chief) who is beyond exceptional as a clinician and friend, a wonderful co-intern, and a pair of hard-working medical students!

I think one of the best aspects of this rotation is getting the chance to finally teach medical students. I’ve learned a lot of random things across my core rotations, random articles, and residency thus far – having the opportunity to share these pearls with clinical students is rewarding. 馃檪

View of the Houston Zoo from a stairwell at Ben Taub Hospital
View of the Houston Zoo from a stair well at Ben Taub

My daily responsibilities include rounding on all my patients, managing orders/consults, teaching the students, writing notes, attending morning report and noon conference, being a member of the rapid response team (RRT) on call days, and signing out to the night intern float.

In other news, the Texans lost (again). The Saints lost in a heart-breaker. And my day off is over. Back to wards tomorrow!


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