Finished With Internal Medicine Wards – Forever!

April 30th was my last day of internal medicine wards forever, and I can now see the proverbial light at the end of the intern year tunnel. The last day was topped off by a...

First 10 Days Of VA Medicine Wards

Ten days into this rotation, and the struggle is real! It's difficult to really spend as much time as I'd like with patients, teach medical students, or even teach myself when I'm balancing the plans...

April Is The Cruelest Month – Last Month Of Medicine Wards

At the end of every month, there's always some anxiety about starting the next rotation. Having to work out logistical issues, meeting new residents and attendings, and adjusting to a new schedule are all...

Last Few Days Of Medicine Wards

Two days left on my first month of inpatient medicine wards! Of the eight medicine teams, I'm on the one "day admitting" (aka, up to 8 new patients) on the very last day of...

First Half Of Medicine Wards

Inpatient medicine wards are considered much more difficult compared to our other intern year rotations, yet the privilege of getting to manage a patient's full set of medical problems is a valuable learning opportunity....

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