Residency Paperwork and Apartment Hunting

Over the last few days, I’ve written my social security number and date of birth a lot. And I do mean a lot. Paperwork for badging, licensure, certification, occupational health, worker’s comp… *insert headache here.* But at least staying at the same medical school for residency has its perks – a lot of items “roll over” to the intern/resident level.

I’ve also spent some time searching for apartments and narrowed down to a few complexes in the Houston Museum District and Hermann Park. These areas are less than two miles from the Texas Medical Center and have luxurious amenities which I’ll be taking advantage of (and paying for). Still need to lock down exactly where I’ll stay, but I’ve got plenty of time. 🙂

I’ll miss having mailbox #100.

After having some paperwork stamped by the registrar on Friday, I quickly went to check my student mailbox for any correspondence. Empty. As always. Although I’m always gleeful that I was assigned a nice round number – mailbox # 100.

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  1. I loved living in the museum district. Great place to live but now I have a great apartment in Lubbock while I finish up grad school.


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