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First Day Of ENT Clinic

Another start to another rotation – this time I’m back at the county hospital for five of the next six months kicking this month off with ENT Clinic. Today was an extremely abbreviated day (only 10 patients… not going to happen again), but typically, clinic is overbooked with 50+ patients split between three residents (two ENT and one anesthesia) plus an attending physician.

The attendings keep clinic moving at a super fast pace –  most of the time my hours will be between 8am to 4pm with weekends off. In other words, I’m on an “easy” month compared to pulm-ICU last month (and MICU coming in February).

I already had the chance to practice nasopharyngoscopy with the flexible fiberoptic scope after performing a comprehensive ENT exam. With a “real” clinic day capped for tomorrow, I’m hoping to improve my proficiency (and speed) with patient encounters day-by-day.


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