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How We Hear

The tonotopic map is truly a marvel of physiology. Great video outlining the underpinnings of audition.

Last Day Of ENT Clinic!

This month has been an absolute blur. Half-way through med school, ENT was my career of choice, so naturally I've had a lot of...

First Day Of ENT Clinic

Another start to another rotation - this time I'm back at the county hospital for five of the next six months kicking this month...


Rosai-Dorfman is a very rare condition with unknown etiology characterized by histiocyte-rich lymphadenopathy throughout the body. I had never encountered this disease process before...

Thorough Ear History and Exam

Hearing loss, "ringing" in the ears, and dizziness/vertigo are three of the most common things I've seen in the ENT clinic, and a proper...


I'm a combined clinical fellow in critical care medicine and cardiothoracic anesthesiology at Harvard looking to improve medical education and patient safety with technology and quality initiatives.