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Last Day Of ENT Clinic!

This month has been an absolute blur. Half-way through med school, ENT was my career of choice, so naturally I’ve had a lot of fun getting to reexperience the pathologies and anatomy which I still love. The residents have also been extremely welcoming of this anesthesia outsider, and I’ve learned …

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First Day Of ENT Clinic

Another start to another rotation – this time I’m back at the county hospital for five of the next six months kicking this month off with ENT Clinic. Today was an extremely abbreviated day (only 10 patients… not going to happen again), but typically, clinic is overbooked with 50+ patients …

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Rosai-Dorfman is a very rare condition with unknown etiology characterized by histiocyte-rich lymphadenopathy throughout the body. I had never encountered this disease process before my preceptorship on Thursday and was eager to learn a bit more in spite of its low prevalence.

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Thorough Ear History and Exam

Hearing loss, “ringing” in the ears, and dizziness/vertigo are three of the most common things I’ve seen in the ENT clinic, and a proper workup during the initial encounter can provide valuable information regarding the etiology. In the case of unilateral or asymmetric pathology, the question that always arises: “Why …

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