Last Day Of ENT Clinic!

This month has been an absolute blur. Half-way through med school, ENT was my career of choice, so naturally I’ve had a lot of fun getting to reexperience the pathologies and anatomy which I still love. The residents have also been extremely welcoming of this anesthesia outsider, and I’ve learned quite a bit more about the nitpicky details involved with RVUs and billing from our wonderful attendings.

One of the big perks about ENT clinic is getting to perform countless flexible nasal endoscopies, flexible laryngoscopies, and debridement under binocular micro-otoscopies for the various chief complaints and follow-up visits we see.  Gotta love the procedures. 😉

ENT clinic exam room

Over the course of the month, I’ve seen such an enormous variety of cases:  laryngopharyngeal reflux, chronic sinusitis, bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss, tympanomastoidectomies with ossicular chain reconstructions, and metastatic oropharyngeal cancers just to name a few. Each can present with a myriad of symptoms, but it’s amazing to see how medical and surgical interventions can create such profound improvements in our patients’ lives. 🙂

Okay, time to start my last day of this rotation!

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