November – The Month Of Hall Questions

Of the well-reputed question banks in the world of anesthesia, I purchased Hall’s Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review on Inkling this afternoon. This eBook consists of both static text (with questions and answers in separate sections) as well as an interactive self-assessment mode with immediate answer feedback and scorecard capabilities. I’m definitely using the latter. 🙂

Anesthesia: A Comprehensive Review on my Shield Tablet

There are 997 questions spread (unevenly) across the following topics:

  1. Anesthesia Equipment and Physics
  2. Respiratory Physiology and Critical Care Medicine
  3. Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Drugs
  4. Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics of Volatile Anesthetics
  5. Blood Products, Transfusion, and Fluid Therapy
  6. General Anesthesia
  7. Pediatric Physiology and Anesthesia
  8. Obstetric Physiology and Anesthesia
  9. Neurologic Physiology and Anesthesia
  10. Anatomy, Regional Anesthesia, and Pain Management
  11. Cardiovascular Physiology and Anesthesia

My goal is to finish the entire question bank by the end of the month. Chapter 5 is really short, so I knocked it out this afternoon while watching football. 😀

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