Certification In Medical Quality (CMQ) Exam Process

The American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ) offers a Certification In Medical Quality (CMQ) designation which I was interested in pursuing. Anesthesiology is at the forefront of medical specialties when it comes to patient safety, a vital part of quality, and its relevance spans both my OR and ICU practices. I wanted to describe the process for anyone else interested in obtaining their CMQ.

The registration is fairly straightforward and costs $500. Candidates can elect to take the exam in person, or as I did, virtually through Examity.

On the day of my exam (April 5, 2022), I navigated to the exam website link I received via email after registration. After proceeding to connect to my test proctor, a Zoom session launched. I was instructed to leave my webcam and microphone on at all times during the exam. Additionally, I had to show my government ID (driver’s license) over the webcam and give a 360° of the room I was sitting in.

The exam itself is 100 multiple choice questions with four answer choices each (only one correct answer per question, no penalty for guessing). Examinees have two hours to complete it. After the first few questions and some moments of already zoning out, I realized the last standardized exam I took was YEARS ago. Overall, I think preparing exclusively from the Medical Quality Management: Theory and Practice: Theory and Practice book was good enough. It’ll take up to four weeks to find out the results! 😩

Drop me a comment below with questions!

5/9/22 Addendum: I passed! 🙂

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  1. Does CMQ help the career of established hospital employed physicians? How often does one have to recertify? Thanks

  2. After I had the exam on 26th,November 2022, I can share my experience, firstly due to my location, UAE, they inform me i have to pay through mena conference , which was totally unorganized in the exam day. I paid around 875 $ for them (ABMQ+ mena conference), Unfortunately I regret I pay, they were unhelpful even when I ask any help from lady whose represent mena conference. Therefore, i will release soon youtube video how to avoid such errors to encourage people to learn from my experience.

  3. hi,
    hope you doing well,

    i have the exam next month, and i do not have any book .

    please is that book only enough , from amazon or i need to read to whole 4 books

    how is the questions , i never get exam in quality before so i dont know what i have to focus on

    • The only thing I used to study was the book I linked to in the post above. I never had an exam in quality either, but the exam itself was fair and all multiple choice. Study hard, and you’ll do great! 🙂


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