Finished With My First Difficult Airway Rotation

Been almost a month since my last blog post – during that time, I completed my first dedicated month of “difficult airway” training with gynecology cases. I was fortunate to work with our skilled faculty (some of whom hold/held premiere positions of leadership in the Society of Airway Management) and learn all the tools at an anesthesia provider’s disposal when managing a difficult airway.

The WuScope – the forefather of modern day video laryngoscopy

Over the last four weeks, I learned and polished a plethora of techniques – asleep and awake intubations, fiberoptic techniques, LMA exchanges with an Aintree catheter, intubating LMAs, CMAC, Glidescope, WuScope, light wand, bougie… yeah… I probably forgot how to use a standard Mac and Miller blade. 😀

All in all, it was a laid back rotation with plenty of learning opportunities! I’m on call during the daytime for Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow, but the rest of the month will be dedicated to the pre-op screening clinic and cardiac anesthesia. My experience at the VA Hospital with cardiopulmonary bypass cases will definitely come in handy.


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