Beginning My Last Month Of Pediatric Anesthesiology

We’re all excited about the holiday season at Texas Children’s Hospital! The Santa hats… the stockings… the lights and trees… it’s awesome! December is also a time when many patients are scrambling meet their deductible deadlines, so it’ll be a busy month indeed.

Although I’m not pursuing pediatrics in the future, being surrounded by children and their families always seems to bring a duality to the patient-doctor relationship. We often have to console the parents just as much as their children (our actual patients). But it’s this trust they have in us to care for their loved ones which reminds us of our unwavering commitment to patient safety above all else. 🙂

I had a wonderful first day back! Seeing so many familiar attendings, surgeons, techs, nurses, and ancillary staff I met during my three consecutive months at Texas Children’s as a PGY-3 was wonderful. Tomorrow I’ll be at residency interviews, but I can’t wait to get back to caring for children during the holiday season!

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