Finished With My Senior Presentation!

About six weeks ago, I blogged about how I chose to look at the evidence-based challenges to several dogmas in anesthesiology as my senior presentation. There are countless topics I could have chosen to cover in this presentation (the efficacy of cricoid pressure, vasoactive agents during free-flap repairs, factors in epidural spread, etc.), but I ultimately selected those that would be relevant to trainees of all levels.

I decided to share an (edited) version of the presentation below. Please keep in mind that I routinely don’t include much text on my PowerPoint slides, so the majority of the learning was through the actual presentation. Maybe the citations will be useful for some?

As a side note, I also want to comment that my goal with this presentation was not to rebel against any of the teachings from my attendings. In fact, quite the contrary. They instilled so many basic foundations in my career as an anesthesiologist which empowered me to explore all the evidence with much greater insight and critical reasoning. This presentation was to inspire others to also analyze their daily activities with more thoughtfulness, especially given how much of medical practice is still based on uncertainty.

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