Bose QuietComfort 35 Review

I’ve spent the last two weeks using with my new Bose QuietComfort 35 bluetooth headphones, and quite simply, this is one of the best electronic investments I’ve ever made. At its price point, it really is an investment, but the value of quality sound with noise cancellation is like an escape from the world each time I put them on… something I’m willing to pay for. 🙂

I previously tried Jaybird’s Freedom ear buds. Although they delivered pretty good sound quality in a ridiculously small form factor, every size combination of ear buds (the silicone and memory foam) with ear fins in both the over-ear and under-ear configurations didn’t quite fit properly. It was frustrating each time I had to put them on. 🙁

Additionally, I had trouble with bluetooth connectivity dropping out at unpredictable times and sometimes taking 10+ seconds to connect to my compatible devices.

Enter the Bose wireless headphones. You really do get what you pay for. Within 2 minutes, I synced this to my Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Macbook Air, and desktop and have been able to keep two of the aforementioned devices active at any time with seamless audio handoff and no connectivity issues.

Although these headphones aren’t “portable”, they come with a chic carrying case, an airline adapter, a 3.5 mm cable, and USB charging cable.

Bose’s noise cancellation technology has become an unparalleled standard in the headphone industry, and these QC 35s only uphold this reputation. They’re extremely comfortable and provide rich sound although perhaps not as much bass as, say, Beats by Dre… which is fine with me. Occasionally I’ll hear static with very strong bass tones, but overall this hasn’t been an issue.

I’m constantly amazed by how comfortable these things are! I’ll have them on for hours watching YouTube, then listening to music, then exercising, then on my commute to work… all without a hitch. The battery life is excellent. The build quality is premium. It’s an investment I continue to enjoy and was even willing to insure for two years.

Very happy with my decision to purchase the QC 35 headphones! 🙂

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