Experiences at the American Society of Anesthesiology’s (ASA) 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago!

I’m sitting at the gate in O’Hare airport waiting for my flight back home to Houston and wanted to reflect on my experiences at ASA’s 2016 annual meeting. The last several days have been such a morale booster! Anesthesiology has such a pervasive influence on many areas in healthcare and is well suited to help pave the way for perioperative care in the coming years. I had the opportunity to dabble with some of the newest gadgets in airway management, monitoring, resuscitation, and patient safety. I also had the privilege of meeting other attendings and residents to discuss how their programs approach areas like enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), massive transfusion, and work-life balance.

One of the keynote speakers mentioned the humility that is needed to serve as an effective leader. This is an area that often trips up rising residents/fellows/attendings as they become consumed by their achievements. It’s our duty to our patients to remain humble enough to admit our mistakes, accept their consequences, and continue placing patient safety above our (or our colleagues’) personal undertakings.

Since it was my first time to Chicago, I also had time to explore this wonderful city! The weather was absolutely perfect (cool, no rain, sunshine all day) and, well, the Chicago Cubs moved on to the World Series. Madness will ensue this evening, but fortunately, I’ll be en route to Houston in the next two hours. 🙂

Oh yeah, and for those who are wondering, my ranking of the three Chicago deep-dish pizzas I tried: Giordano’s > Lou Malnati’s > Unos Pizzeria. ?

Next year’s ASA 2017 annual meeting will be in Boston, Massachusetts… literally walking distance from where I’ll likely be living for my fellowship. Hope the department will let me attend! 🙂

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