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Pre-Op Screen: Establishing Rapport With Surgeons

In most academic settings, the operating room is composed of the surgical team (attending, fellow, residents), anesthesia team (attending, fellow, residents, nurses), techs (scrub tech, anesthesia tech), circulating nurses, students, observers, and most importantly, the patient. The surgery attending is usually the captain of this proverbial ship; however, a delicate interplay between …

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Two Rescue Drugs I Always Carry On Call

As seniors, we oversee our junior trainees’ cases while coordinating the case flow through the operating rooms with our front desk during call shifts. While the junior residents and SRNAs check our “stat rooms” and emergent airway boxes prior to preparing for their respective cases, I’ll visit the pharmacy to grab …

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First A Human, Then A Doctor

“You don’t have to [insert task]! You’re a [doctor, chief, senior]!” Many hospital workers have stopped me from mopping the operating room, taking out the trash, or even helping with relatively minor tasks because of my position. More recently, my own junior colleagues have tried to take on more of …

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