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First Time For Pure Exhaustion

I’ve always been unorthodox with regards to my sleeping habits. I tend to stay awake post-call to study, complete chores, and pursue hobbies. After staying awake for 36+ hours, I fall asleep that night with all of my work done. On “regular nights”, I sleep 4-6 hours, caffeinate/hydrate in the morning, and I’m good to go for the day!

Yesterday was very different. I wasn’t on call or post-call. I wasn’t violating duty hours. It was a long day, and a sleep debt that had slowly been accumulating for the last week ultimately caught up with me.

I literally got home, turned on the air conditioner, dropped my bag on the floor, jumped on the couch, and fell asleep – still in scrubs, not bothering to eat dinner, not even setting my phone alarm for work this morning.

It was pure exhaustion… plain and simple.

I woke up much later than normal this morning (thank you, internal time clock), but still made it to Grand Rounds.

I’m just hoping I never have that experience again. 馃槸


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  1. Know the feeling… Sleeping’s a blessing


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