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Google TP-Link OnHub Router

Since my mom uses only Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini), I’m moving my Apple networking hardware to my parents’ house and upgraded to a new router yesterday afternoon – Google’s OnHub. Although Google has already released newer hardware (the Google WiFi), the OnHub is still superior to its smaller counterpart in several key areas based on reviews. Either one is still a considerable upgrade over my 5th generation Apple Airport Extreme, and with the Google Wifi sold out everywhere, I didn’t want to wait. 🙂

Google’s OnHub
Google OnHub (left) and Apple Airport Extreme 5th gen (right)

The single most important difference is that the OnHub can utilize the 802.11ac wireless standard on my laptop, desktop, and smartphone. Additionally, the OnHub comes with a USB 3.0 port, a nifty mobile app, and a congestion sensing wifi radio which automatically switches channels to maintain the best signal strength without interruption. I think it’s also more aesthetically pleasing than a white box. 😀

If I find any glaring drawbacks to the hardware, I’ll be sure to update this post!


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