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Upgrading GTX 660 Ti to 980 Ti

My NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 Ti has been running strong for five years, but I had an opportunity to upgrade at an incredible price point this morning... so I bit. :-)

Backup Your Data!

Over the years, I've helped my colleagues with recommendations for gadgets (namely laptops and smartphones) and software, peripherals, and technical problems along the way. The worst scenario was when they approached me with missing data…

Google TP-Link OnHub Router

Since my mom uses only Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini), I'm moving my Apple networking hardware to my parents' house and upgraded to a new router yesterday afternoon - Google's OnHub. Although Google has already released newer…

30 GB OCZ Vertex SSD Review

A few weeks ago, NewEgg had a deal on a 30 GB OCZ Vertex solid state disk (SSD). Although the limited capacity is a major drawback, its proven to be a great drive for my bootloader and OS X core installation.

My Workstation – The Overmind

With the addition of an incredibly priced SSD from NewEgg, my budget Hackintosh workstation (dubbed "The Overmind") is officially complete. I did an XBench benchmark and submitted the results to their online database (link to entry).