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Upgrading GTX 660 Ti to 980 Ti

My NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 Ti has been running strong for five years, but I had an opportunity to upgrade at an incredible price point this morning... so I bit. :-)

Google TP-Link OnHub Router

Since my mom uses only Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac Mini), I'm moving my Apple networking hardware to my parents' house and upgraded to a new router yesterday afternoon - Google's OnHub. Although Google has already released newer…

30 GB OCZ Vertex SSD Review

A few weeks ago, NewEgg had a deal on a 30 GB OCZ Vertex solid state disk (SSD). Although the limited capacity is a major drawback, its proven to be a great drive for my bootloader and OS X core installation.

My Workstation – The Overmind

With the addition of an incredibly priced SSD from NewEgg, my budget Hackintosh workstation (dubbed "The Overmind") is officially complete. I did an XBench benchmark and submitted the results to their online database (link to entry).