What’s The Best College Major For Medical School?

Declaring an undergraduate major is one of the most stressful decisions a college student can make. Those aiming to pursue medical school (or any health profession) are often inundated with options in the sciences – chemistry, biology, biochemistry, “pre-med”, etc.

A major benefit afforded to those who do pursue a science degree is that much of the coursework already overlaps with medical school course prerequisites like physics, organic chemistry, and biology. Some of these courses may have to be completed separately for non-science majors.

Stuffing the programs for the Class of 2014's white coat ceremony

But what is the best major?

I remember serving on the admissions committee and interviewing applicants from all sorts of backgrounds – the sciences, humanities, fine arts, social sciences, etc. These people were athletes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, musicians, architects, programmers, etc. before applying to medical school. And they were all phenomenal applicants.

My advice is to major in whatever you like! Study whatever you genuinely enjoy, and if that happens to be the sciences, then so be it! Medical schools don’t discriminate against those who pursue non-science majors. In fact, it’s breath of fresh air to admissions committees when applicants come from varied backgrounds. 🙂

With that said, regardless of what you choose, maintaining a high GPA and MCAT is extremely important to land solid interviews!

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