PGY-5 (Critical Care)

25% Done With Critical Care Fellowship!

I’ve finished over three months of my critical care fellowship, and my has the time flown by! I’ve completed items 1 – 7 on my list of rotations and will be starting a two week elective in TEE/imaging tomorrow. It’ll be a nice preview of what I’ll be doing next year as a cardiothoracic anesthesia fellow.

This will also be the first time that I’m consistently back in the operating room since my residency. Although I’m just doing an elective, hopefully the fellow/resident assigned to the case won’t mind if I practice some old skills (drawing up meds, playing with the ventilator, charting, etc.) This will be valuable time to get me reacclimated, so I can feel more comfortable moonlighting as an attending anesthesiologist. 🙂



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