Critical Care Fellowship Rotations

My fellowship is divided into two week blocks throughout the year. We rotate alongside fellows/residents from other departments and almost always in a multidisciplinary setting consisting of nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, physical/occupational therapists, etc. I started my fellowship about a week later, so I could move from Houston. Here are the rotations (each is two weeks) I have lined up for the academic year.

  1. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  2. Coronary care unit (CCU)
  3. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  4. Cardiac ICU
  5. Thoracic ICU
  6. Infectious disease (elective)
  7. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  8. TEE/imaging (elective)
  9. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  10. Geriatrics (elective)
  11. Thoracic ICU
  12. Vacation
  13. Thoracic ICU
  14. Cardiac ICU
  15. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  16. Metabolic support services
  17. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  18. Transthoracic echo (elective)
  19. Thoracic ICU
  20. Regional anesthesia (elective)
  21. Medical ICU
  22. Cardiac ICU
  23. Surgical, burn, trauma ICU
  24. Vacation
  25. Thoracic ICU
  26. Cardiac ICU

Based on this schedule, I spend 14 weeks in our combined surgical, burn, trauma ICU, 8 weeks in the cardiac ICU, 10 weeks in the thoracic ICU, and 16 weeks on electives like neuro ICU, pediatric ICU, echo, infectious disease, renal, Boston med flight, etc. Our curriculum is also filled with didactics, journal clubs, and case conferences. 🙂

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