30th Birthday

My 30th birthday was rather uneventful! I started my first elective on the infectious disease consult service, went home, got some Whole Foods for dinner, and watched documentaries on YouTube for most of the evening. 🙂

29 was the age when I completed residency, moved to a new city for the first time, and started my critical care fellowship. Things here in Boston are getting better, although I haven’t had a chance to explore much of the city. My colleagues at work are incredible and have made this transition much easier than I could have anticipated.

Over the next several months, I’ll be plowing through this fellowship, studying for my anesthesiology oral boards, and trying to become the best intensivist I can be prior to beginning my next fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesiology. I look forward to turning 31 as that will be my last age as a trainee. 😀

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