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So I came across an interesting predicament a couple days ago. I save as much energy as possible, but I really like to have a cooler apartment when I’m sleeping. I tried turning on the air conditioning and was met with warm air over the weekend.

I’ve fixed A/C units before, so naturally I thought this was an issue with the compressor (coolant leak, short, etc.) It was getting late, so I went ahead and filed for a maintenance request. Soon after, I received this email.

The HVAC unit is a full time AC unit from 6/15-9/15 each summer. During the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons it is a heater when outside temperatures are below 60 degrees and an AC when the outside temperatures are above 60 degrees. The system automatically changes when the outside temperature passes the 60 degree threshold. Residents are asked to keep this in mind when they use the system. For example, if the temperature is 65 degrees outside the AC is on, but as the outside temperature cools down and falls below 60 degrees the system automatically switches to heat mode. While in heat mode the AC function is disabled. When AC is disabled all selections(AC Hi, low, heat, and fan) result in heat. When the Outside temperature rises above 60 degrees it will shut off the heat and automatically engages the AC capability after about a 3-5 hour cool down.

Whaaat?! I can’t even turn the fan on to circulate air within the apartment without introducing heat? 😯

I’d imagine that, as an adult, I can decide when to turn on the heater independent of the outside temperature. Oh well.

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