Beginning My Last Month Of Regional Anesthesiology

This will be my third dedicated month of regional anesthesiology in residency, and coupled with all the peripheral nerve blocks I’ve performed on call, it’s amazing how far I’ve come in three short years.

Set up for an epidural and ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks

I remember in my first month of residency, I knew virtually nothing about the anatomical considerations, major risks, contraindications, or technical skills required to perform a successful block. Now these procedures have become extremely gratifying as I’m able to relieve pain within a few minutes, provide surgical anesthesia for my patients (sparing them a general anesthetic), and provide rescue analgesia post-operatively. 🙂

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  1. Rishi says

    Peripheral nerve blocks? I prefer ultrasound, but if the structure is deep (high sciatic), I’ll also combine it with nerve stimulation. 🙂

  2. Adnane Lahlou says

    Which way do you like them? Neurostimulation or echo?