BMW Z4 Tow And Repair

Since July 20th when I came home from the Harvard Club in Boston, my car has been out of commission likely due to an oil leak. Three months of paying ~$300/month to sit in the garage. Three months. Its taken that long for me to be at home during a weekday when a towing company with the ability to enter my garage (clearance of only seven feet) could come by and deliver the car to a local mechanic during business hours.

It pains me to have my beloved chariot in such a condition. Back in Houston, I took care of most automotive problems by myself. I had the tools (and time) to do so.  Anyways, I’m glad that the car is finally being fixed! Hope to be able to drive around and explore of the area in the coming weeks! 🙂

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  1. I completely feel your pain. Having had my (likely somewhat older) Z4 stuck in underground parking in Pasadena, CA for 2 months, I get the entirety of a problematic ‘extraction’ & the coordinated delivery to suitable service. What I thought might be a reasonably simple serpentine belt replacement became much more complex given the nature of all things (low-height, need for low-profile jack, jack stands, lack of electrical in community garage, scenario surrounding underground community garage, lack of access to friend / backup in repair context). Had to share. Happy New Year & hoping you’ve been enjoying your chariot as I hope to do same 😉


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