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BMW Z4 Rough Idle – Changing Ignition Coil

My car has had pretty rough idling over the last several weeks regardless of whether it’s in neutral, drive, or parked. I figured it was a spark plug and/or ignition coil issue, and thanks to my check engine light finally coming on, I was able to identify the problem as …

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BMW Z4 E85 NGK Spark Plug Change

Yesterday afternoon I decided to embark on a mini-project to spruce up my sole means of transportation – changing the spark plugs. I went over to the local auto store and purchased six NGK Iridium IX © spark plugs for $6.99 a piece. Dealerships (pronounced “stealer-ships” to gearheads) have been …

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BMW Z4 E85 Headlight Adjustment

I installed an MTEC aftermarket HID kit a few years ago, but noticed that the visibility just wasn’t what I should be getting with this technology – after spending some time adjusting the housings, my driving visibility significantly improved. The hard part was finding how to adjust them (see the …

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Quixx Acrylic Scratch Remover Review

I’ve had my car for over five years and never really looked into cleaning the headlight enclosures. Since starting my clinical rotations, I’m leaving the house before sunrise and returning after dark; therefore, good visibility in the dark has become increasingly important. After looking at several headlamp cleaning products, I …

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