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Sending The Z4 Back Home

Today I shipped my Z4 back to Houston. I realized that although I love joy rides, it's not a "must" here in Boston due...

BMW Z4 Tow And Repair

Since July 20th when I came home from the Harvard Club in Boston, my car has been out of commission likely due to an...

BMW Z4 Windshield Moulding Trim Replacement

This afternoon before heading in to my call shift, I replaced the cracked moulding trim on my car's windshield. $40 genuine OEM part off...

BMW Z4 Rough Idle – Changing Ignition Coil

My car has had pretty rough idling over the last several weeks regardless of whether it's in neutral, drive, or parked. I figured it...

BMW Z4 E85 NGK Spark Plug Change

Yesterday afternoon I decided to embark on a mini-project to spruce up my sole means of transportation - changing the spark plugs. I went...


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