Exit Pixel C – Enter iPad Pro

About a week ago, I sold my Pixel C and its keyboard for ~$500 on Swappa, and in return, I decided to purchase an iPad Pro 9.7″ with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. Why would an Android fanboy make such a move?

The biggest reason is the underwhelming development for such a promising tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the Pixel C is the best Android tablet on the market now, but Google’s approach to a “hybrid” solution just didn’t meet my expectations. Despite Android being such an OS with so many degrees of freedom, the application experience is lacking and still feels awkward in a tablet form factor. Furthermore, Google has announced that all Chromebooks launching in 2017 and after will work with Android applications. In my opinion, this single feature obviates the need for an Android tablet.

So why the iPad Pro? Well, with a MacBook Air and Hackintosh as my two primary computers (both running the latest Mac OS), a mobile Apple product fit the ecosystem. Plus, I’ve not owned an iOS device for an extended period of time, so the iPad lets me keep up with iOS development.

…not to mention that this thing is awesome. The sound quality, the display, the battery life, and most importantly, the applications! In fact, it’s largely replacing my need for a laptop at this point. Let me know if you have any “must have” application recommendations! 🙂

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  1. Dr. Rishi,

    I will be moving into my 3rd year of med school this fall and would like to pick up a tablet to augment my 15″ laptop. Currently I am looking at the iPad mini or the iPad pro 10.5″. Pros for pro (no pun intended) is increased productivity with the pen and keyboard. Pros for the mini are portability in the white coat. Will I be whipping out my mini on rounds and quickly checking up to date etc. to save the day or should I consider the pro for versatility. What are your thoughts?


    • Hey Jake! Honestly, I’d go with the more powerful iPad Pro. Although the iPad Mini is obviously more portable, I think the features of the larger Pro coupled with the Apple Pencil make it well worth it! Also, I know colleagues in med school who got their white coat pocket “enlarged” to accommodate the larger iPad.

  2. Haaa at long last a “jewelry ” I purchased long time before you :p :p. I bought the 256 Go one myself with the apple pen along. It has become the only device I use for reading, articles, novels, textbooks you name and I am still 100% sure I still habe to unravel its full potential.

    • Hahaha, better late than never I guess! I’ve never needed much storage space, so I just went with the 32 GB version. I’ll probably be getting the Apple Pencil in the future. 🙂


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