Farewell Houston – Onto Boston For Fellowship Training!

I’m feeling a myriad of emotions at the prospect of leaving all I have ever known this morning. I’ll never forget the day that I received my medical school acceptance from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) – December 10, 2008. It was the one day that it snowed in Houston that year, and probably the one day that I wasn’t waiting for “the call” from my #1 choice.

As a medical student, the BCM experience was truly unique. I garnered a world class education from my professors in the basic sciences, started my clinical rotations after only 18 months of didactics, and became fully immersed in clinical medicine in the world’s largest medical center – the Texas Medical Center. Four years later, I was humbled to match to my first choice of categorical anesthesiology residency at BCM where I learned the art of acute care and perioperative medicine.

The acceptance from call from Baylor College of Medicine

I can’t find the words to convey how sad I am about leaving Houston and the Texas Medical Center. The incredible people I’ve met, the laughs we’ve shared, the struggles we’ve overcome, the myriad of patients who became my greatest clinical teachers, and the familiarity of such a large and vibrant city. *sigh* I’m indebted to so many individuals for their guidance, patience, and reassurance!

Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Shapiro Building

I stood in my empty apartment yesterday overlooking downtown Houston and thought about not only my experiences as a young physician but my childhood, grade school years, undergraduate experience, endless nights of preparation, and sacrifices to get me here. For the next two years, I’ll be training in Boston to launch myself into a complete perioperative physician. It’ll undoubtedly be the biggest period of growth in my professional career filled with so many challenges – starting an intense pair of fellowships, assimilating into a new hospital system and city, studying for boards, and trying to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance.

I went back and forth on how exactly I was going to move to Boston, and ultimately decided to bring my current furniture car although I don’t intend to drive to work. I’ll be arriving to my new apartment tomorrow afternoon and immediately have to purchase groceries, toiletries, etc. I think I’ll be much more excited about fellowship once I’m situated in my new place… and I’ve finished all of these training modules! 😀

Overall, I can’t help but feel that my two years up north are more like an extended away rotation rather than a permanent move. I hope to return home to Houston once I’m finished, but who knows where life will take me? 🙂

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  1. It’s really sad ….to leave a place where you have spent so many years… Made so many memories…. And I too felt the sadness through your pics of empty apartment… But change is inevitable … And it’s called Life.. Hope Boston also gives you the warmth and comfort and love just like Houston… Best of luck for the future ahead

  2. Don’t worry…God will guide you every step of the way as you now embark on this new journey, not alone… but with Him ?

    Always with you!


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