Finished With Anesthesiology Written Boards

As of this morning (and assuming I passed), I’m officially finished with my anesthesiology written boards. Moving to a new city and starting fellowship made it difficult to study for the exam, but it’s finally over. Now I can turn my attention to studying critical care 100%… until my anesthesiology oral board exam in Spring 2018. 😀

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  1. Hey Rishi,
    Congrats on finishing the written boards! Could you comment a little on how prepared you felt? Did you find it challenging? I know that you wrote this post on books and qbanks for Anesthesiology.
    I was wondering if you could comment on whether you felt that books or qbank were more helpful. Were any of the questions banks more representative of the qbank questions representative of the type/style on the actual exam? Would you be able to elaborate more on you study plan in the preceding months leading up to the exam? Did you take a review course?

    Thank you so much for your time and effort! I love the content of your posts!

    • Thanks Juan! I felt prepared coming right out of residency, but honestly, I think four weeks of ICU has made me a little rusty. The books and qbanks were fine without any review course. Just focus on doing all the questions you can (in this case, I just did TrueLearn!)

      I didn’t really have a study plan, per se. I just studied whenever I could. Some days I did ~300 practice questions. Others I did zero. Some days I read a hundred pages… and others zero. It was a factor of my level of exhaustion and time commitment to other activities.

  2. Awesome thank you Rishi! You mentioned that you did UWorld; I wasn’t aware that they had a question bank for anesthesia. Would you be able to provide a link? Did you by chance mean TrueLearn?


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