First Eight Days Of Fellowship

I’m finished with an eight day stretch of days/nights in our combined surgical, burn, and trauma ICU. What an incredible way to start off fellowship!

I came to the Brigham to learn a different way to practice medicine, and the experience certainly has not disappointed. I’ve managed a myriad of pathologies and surgical interventions which I had never seen before. The attendings have given me a tremendous deal of autonomy overseeing clinical rounds this early in my training, and even better, the medical students and residents have been exceptionally hard working and eager to learn! 🙂

Yesterday evening, the anesthesiology department had its yearly reception for the new anesthesia residents and fellows at the Downtown Harvard Club. We got to mingle with new colleagues and attendings while overseeing some of Boston’s incredible sights.

I’m spending this weekend getting some last minute studying in before taking the “advanced” portion of my anesthesiology written boards on Friday. I’ll be starting a two week elective in the coronary care unit (CCU) come Monday as well! 🙂

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  1. What was the biggest difference going from an anesthesiology resident to be CC fellow? How was it learning a whole new hospital system?

    • As you can imagine, it was riddled with a large learning curve, but I was able to quickly utilize many of my perioperative skills in the ICU. Having to write orders, wait for pharmacists/nurses to administer medications, etc. was frustrating at first as I was accustomed to having total autonomy in the operating room.

      Fortunately, the people here were very welcoming, and it wasn’t long before I felt confident in my role. 🙂


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