First Two Days In Boston

My experience of moving to Boston is best described through a timeline:


6am – 12pm: Very busy security line at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston; however for the first time, I didn’t have to remove anything from my bag (not even my laptop) nor take off my shoes. 🙂 I got to Logan Airport in Boston a little early, but as we were taxiing to the gate, I found out that the movers (who told me the furniture would be delivered between noon – 3pm on today) were nowhere to be found. The secretary at the moving company couldn’t even tell me where the furniture was in transit. Before arriving at the gate, I quickly ordered an air mattress on Amazon Prime Now anticipating that the afternoon would be frustrating.

12pm – 5pm: Took the subway to my new apartment complex, picked up some packages I had shipped directly to the unit via Amazon (mainly bathroom supplies, a desk lamp, an umbrella, and a new gaming chair). Without my furniture, I had very few clothes and virtually no “basic household items” that I would need… for the foreseeable future. I assembled my gaming chair and went to CVS to purchase basic toiletries. Ended up using the A/C unit as a desk and making a mini workstation out of it.

5pm – 8pm: Remember that air mattress I ordered? Based on Amazon’s notifications, it had already been delivered, but due to some oversight at the front desk, it took a significant amount of time before the concierge could actually find it. I had already prepared to sleep on the floor at this point, but at least they found it.


7am – 9am: I live right next to a Whole Foods, so I spent a lot of time exploring the store and purchasing basic items like milk and bread. I’m so fortunate that one of my attendings graciously bought me a $100 gift certificate, because I spent $95 of that without filling more than two grocery bags. Sheesh. There are cheaper alternatives, but I really just needed basics ASAP. I also bought a Brita pitcher and some basic plastic cutlery/bowels off Amazon Prime Now.

9am – 11am: Went to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, worked on some training modules, and bought a new fleece. The hospital is so gorgeous!

11am – 2pm: Met with many of my critical care fellowship classmates for brunch and explored Longwood, Fenway/Kenwood, and Back Bay afterwards.

I really do think once the furniture issues are settled with my apartment, I’ll begin to enjoy living here. This is probably commonplace for everyone who moves… it’s just that it’s my first time, and I wanted to whine. 😀

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